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Renovo continue to invest in technology to provide One Housing with real-time information, to help us deliver services to their customers in a timely, high quality and consistent way. One Housing enjoy automatic communication of data, custom applications  and system integration in line with current GDPR legislation and in complete protection of our workforce.

We are consistently developing new ways of collaboration and interaction with One Housing and their customers. Features of our systems include:

  • Two way data transfer of work instructions and live job status updates via client portals and app technology
  • Quality control surveys via portable tablets highlighting where improvements are required – this can also include compliance, training and employee engagement.
  • Introduction of online customer service platform and QR codes allowing One Housing and their customers to get in touch with our customer care team more efficiently
  • Innovative Fleet Management software providing real-time information on our vehicles to improve reliability, efficiency and safety
  • Employee registration systems using ID badge scanning and facial recognition technology improving staff attendance and addressing safeguarding and data protection requirements
  • Scheme based job management system, leveraging SaaS (Software as a Service) to provide an internet based solution for scheme staff to schedule and track all of our handyperson service managers workloads and reporting
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