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Gary Jeal

With over 30 years of working within the cleaning industry, Gary has a wealth of experience in understanding what service excellence looks and feels like. Gary founded Chequers Contract Services Ltd in 1987 alongside his brother Paul and since then, Chequers has built a reputation of service excellence, with industry recognition.

Now as the Chairman of Chequers Contract Services Ltd, Gary still has a very active role in the company he started over 30 years ago. Gary is particularly proud of the engagement established across numerous sectors such as social housing, education and property management and still has a relationship with original contracts that helped support and founded the business in 1987 which Chequers still service today.

Gary’s philosophy has influenced the values which underpins Renovo, concerning service quality and excellent customer service. As Director of Renovo, Gary also brings with him a superb sense of finance management skills which ensures our customers obtain the superior service they deserve.

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